Kimberly Howell


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This letter is to proclaim the professional service and tireless support that my family and I received during our home search and relocation to San Antonio this past November and December, 2001. The dedicated and personal effort Ms. Howell afforded us could not have been better. Our relocation was somewhat unique, not due to the distance of the move, but due to the logistics of closing two properties in one eight-hour period from Houston to San Antonio. During most such situations and operations there are snags and unconcerned parties who manage to be not cooperative or unconcerned. However, thanks to the great and wonderful efforts of Ms. Howell's experience and determination, the operation of relocating in one day was a great success. She continues to be an asset and of help to us in anyway she can as time passes. In one such incident, we ran into an impasse with our learned builder, Ms. Howell asserted her abilities to solve the problem. We would say that Ms. Howell is a "STAR" in her profession. Ms. Howell certainly is deserving of any and all professional recognition she could receive among and from her piers. Sincerely, TGS